Yoga For The Arms and Shoulders:The Eagle Pose

The Eagle Pose, or “Garudasana” in Sanskrit, is an intricate pose that requires balance, flexibility, and focus. While challenging, its benefits extend beyond just the physical, as it also calms the mind and increases concentration. Here’s an expanded guide on its benefits, modifications, and tips:

Benefits of the Eagle Pose:

  1. Stretches the Shoulders and Upper Back: This alleviates tension in these areas, especially for those who sit at desks or have poor posture.
  2. Strengthens Legs and Ankles: Balancing on one foot builds strength and stability in the standing leg.
  3. Improves Focus and Balance: As you concentrate on holding the pose, your focus and sense of balance improve.
  4. Aids Blood Circulation: The squeezing and unwrapping action can enhance blood flow, especially to the joints.
  5. Therapeutic Effects: The pose may offer relief for asthma, sciatica, and backaches.


  1. Foot Placement: If hooking the foot behind the calf is challenging, you can place your raised foot’s toes on the ground like a kickstand.
  2. Arm Position: If pressing the palms together is difficult, you can simply press the backs of the hands together or hold onto the wrists.


  1. Steady Gaze (Drishti): Fixing your gaze on a non-moving point in front of you can help improve balance.
  2. Maintain a Strong Core: Engage your abdominal muscles to provide additional stability and support.
  3. Sink Deeper for More Intensity: As you grow comfortable in the pose, try sinking deeper into the standing leg for an increased challenge.
  4. Stay Relaxed: Despite the active engagement required, ensure your face, neck, and shoulders remain relaxed.

It’s essential to remember that yoga is not about perfection but rather about practice and progression. With time and patience, you’ll find improved balance and depth in the Eagle Pose. Always prioritize safety and comfort, and consult with a qualified yoga instructor if unsure about your form or alignment.

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