Yoga For The Arms and Shoulders:The Firefly Pose

The Firefly

Focus: Strengthens arms and wrists

Level: Advanced

Time: 15-30 seconds

Benefits: Stretches groins and back. Tones core and enhances balance. Alleviates stress and anxiety.

Cautions: Avoid with shoulder, wrist, elbow or lower back injuries.


  1. Start in squat with feet slightly wider than hips. Bend torso forward between legs.
  2. Bend knees further until belly is level with knees.
  3. Place left upper arm and shoulder under left thigh above knee, hand outside foot. Repeat on right.
  4. Shift weight onto hands, rolling up onto fingertips. Thighs stay high on arms.
  5. Inhale and extend legs out straight, parallel to floor. Press through big toe mounds.
  6. Straighten arms, widen shoulder blades and lift chest. Lift head, gazing forward.
  7. Hold for 15-30 seconds, breathing deeply. Exhale and lower feet to release.
  8. Beginners can modify by sitting on floor with legs at 90 degrees, using blocks under heels.

Key points:

  • Roll weight onto hands, keeping thighs high
  • Extend legs straight out to sides, parallel to floor
  • Engage arms and open chest
  • Breathe steadily and hold for 15-30 seconds
  • Modify by sitting on floor if needed

Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional requirements for describing yoga poses!

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