Yoga For The Arms and Shoulders:The Forearm Stand Pose

The Forearm Stand

Focus: Strengthens shoulders and arms

Level: Advanced

Time: 10 seconds to 1 minute

Benefits: Builds wrist, arm and shoulder strength. Enhances balance. Alleviates depression and anxiety.

Cautions: Avoid with neck, back or shoulder injuries. Modify with headaches, high blood pressure, heart conditions or pregnancy.


  1. Start in Downward Facing Dog. Hands and knees on floor with shoulders over hands and hips over knees.
  2. Press hips up so legs and arms are straight. Head continues spine line.
  3. Lower forearms to floor, fingers spread wide. Press fingers down. Draw shoulder blades together and down towards tailbone.
  4. Step left leg forward, bending knee. Raise hips and torso up until torso is directly over shoulders.
  5. Raise both legs straight up, in line with torso and shoulders. Engage core.
  6. Rotate thighs inward. Relax head between shoulders, gaze forward.
  7. Hold for 10 to 60 seconds, breathing deeply.
  8. Exhale and lower one leg at a time to exit. Keep chest lifted and shoulder blades separated.
  9. Stand in Forward Bend for 30 seconds before slowly rolling up vertebra by vertebra.
  10. If unable to fully invert, continue practicing strength poses.

Key points:

  • Builds strength for handstand
  • Press shoulders down and draw shoulder blades together
  • Engage core and legs
  • Breathe steadily throughout
  • Exit with control

Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional requirements for describing yoga poses!

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