The Lion

Let’s unleash your inner lion with this awesome pose! The Lion pose is like a reset button for your chest and face, giving those front throat muscles a workout and even potentially slowing down the aging process. Plus, it’s got some interesting perks like addressing bad breath, respiratory infections, teeth grinding, and more. If you’ve got a knee injury, no worries – just grab a chair and take a seat for this one.

Here’s your lion-hearted journey:

  1. Take a Seat: Kneel on the floor, sit back with your hips on your heels. Get comfy.
  2. Hand Power: Press your palms on the ground in front of you, fingers pointing forward. Spread those fingers wide and press them into the ground.
  3. Breathe In: Inhale deeply through your nose. Feel the breath filling you up.
  4. Lion’s Roar: As you exhale through your mouth, here comes the fun part. Open your mouth wide, engage those eyes, look straight ahead (maybe at your eyebrows), and let out a powerful “haaa” or a lion-like roar. Stick your tongue out as far as it can go, try touching it to the tip of your chin. Coordination level: expert.
  5. Release the Roar: Inhale, relax your muscles. Exhale again with another mighty roar. Feel the power!
  6. Repeat and Roar: Keep going as many times as you want. Laughing during the exhale is an option – extra stress relief, anyone?
  7. Chill Out: When you’re ready to call it a day, soften your face, relax your body, and let that lion energy settle.

And there you have it – The Lion pose. Feel the roar, embrace the stretch, and let the lion within you shine. Roar on! 🦁✨

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