The Monkey Pose

Alright, let’s break down “The Monkey” pose in a more casual way:

So, “The Monkey” is like this cool yoga move that’s all about opening up your chest, giving your groin and legs a good stretch, and even waking up those abdominal organs. But hey, heads up – if you’ve got issues with your hamstrings or groin, maybe sit this one out.

Before you even think about pulling off the full Monkey, make sure you’re comfy doing a deep lunge. And seriously, don’t expect to go full monkey business right away. Take it easy, only push as far as your body lets you, and when it says, “Hey, that’s enough,” just chill.

Grab some yoga blocks because this is one time you’ll need backup. Warm up properly – get those legs, hips, and back in the game. Three blocks are your new buddies. Pop a couple ahead of you for later support.

Start in downward-facing dog – you know, butt up, hands down. Step your right leg forward, get it nice and planted. Drop your left knee, lift that torso. Now, here’s where the blocks come in handy – hands on them, wiggle that left leg back. Feel the stretch? Good. If it starts protesting, pop a block under your right thigh. Hang out there, breathe.

As time goes by, your left leg can stretch out more, and soon, you’re practically lounging on the floor. To exit, hands on blocks, push up, bend that left knee, pull it forward. Do the same with the right leg, until you’re back on both knees.

Drop your hands to the ground, lift your hips, downward-facing dog again. Take a breather, then go for round two, but this time, lead with your left leg.

And there you have it – The Monkey! Just remember, take it slow, listen to your body, and enjoy the stretch.

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