The Wild Thing

Alright, let’s dive into “The Wild Thing” – a move that’s all about opening up your chest, shoulders, hip flexors, and lungs. It’s like a power workout for your upper back and shoulders. Rumor has it, it’s the go-to pose for kicking depression and exhaustion to the curb. But, quick heads up – if you’re dealing with a pesky rotator cuff injury or carpal tunnel syndrome, this one’s not your gig.

Here’s how to unleash your inner wild thing:

  1. Starting Point: Get into downward-facing dog – hands down, hips up, legs straight. Let your neck follow the straight line from your hips to your head. Breathe in and out, nice and easy.
  2. Plank Time: Move into plank position. Straight line from head to heels. Engage those muscles.
  3. Shift and Lift: Now, shift your weight to your right hand. Spin onto the edge of your outer right foot – welcome to side plank city. Inhale, lift those hips. Keep the weight on your right hand, press those fingertips into the ground, and don’t let that arm bone sneak forward.
  4. Slide and Arch: Exhale, slide your left foot behind you, bend that knee, keep the toes on the ground. Arch that upper back, stretch those shoulder blades into the back of your rib cage. Inhale, lift those hips higher, get into a backbend with your right foot firmly planted.
  5. Reach for the Sky: Keep breathing. Arch your head back, reach that left arm up and away from your head. Feel the stretch.
  6. Chill Time: Hang out in this wild position for a few breaths. Then gracefully return to downward-facing dog – hips up, legs straight, neck in line with your spine.
  7. Repeat the Magic: Now, switch to the left side and do it all over again. Embrace your wild side!

And there you have it – “The Wild Thing.” It’s like a mini adventure for your body. Remember, if your shoulders are on the mend or your wrists are playing tricks on you, maybe skip this one. Listen to your body, breathe deep, and let your wild side shine!

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