The Revolved Head to Knee: Twist and Stretch

Hey buddy! Feeling a little tight in the spine? Got some nagging backaches or headaches? Or maybe just had a big meal and need some digestive magic? This pose is the magic wand. Just a heads up, if you’ve had a bit of an upset tummy recently (diarrhea), let’s skip this one for now.

Alright, here’s the lowdown:

  1. Start Simple: Sit down and spread those legs out, nice and wide. Now, bend your right knee, pull that heel in close, almost like you’re trying to make it buddies with your left thigh.
  2. Twist it Out: Exhale, now here’s the fun part: lean your upper body to the left like you’re trying to give your left inner knee a little whisper. Pop that left elbow on the ground near your knee, palm up. Can you catch the big toe side of your left foot? Go for it!
  3. Reach for the Stars: Time to get that right arm involved. Lift it, stretch it, curve it over your head towards that left foot. Feeling a little stretchy stretch on the right side? That’s the ticket!
  4. Final Touches: Push down with that left thigh, and while you’re at it, give that left leg a little straighten. No rush, take it easy. Once you’re feeling good and extended, turn your noggin up to the sky and bask in the glow.
  5. Hold & Breathe: Stay here, take some good deep breaths, think happy thoughts, and imagine all that good energy flowing into your liver, kidneys, and spine.
  6. And… Break!: Time to wrap it up. Release that foot, untwist, and come on up. Give yourself a pat on the back, and then, you know, let’s give the other side some love and do it all over again.

Feel the burn? Nah, it’s more like feeling the inner peace and energy. Keep it up! You’re doing awesome!

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