The Sage: Your Go-To Spinal Refresh

Hey friend! So, if you’re feeling a bit stiff in the back or hips or maybe just super drained, the Sage pose is here for the rescue. It’s a bit of a twisty one (literally!), so it’s for those who’ve got a bit of yoga experience. It’s fantastic for stretching out the spine, loosening those shoulders, and waking up the mind. And guess what? It’s super helpful for issues like backache, hip pain, digestive problems, asthma, and when you’re just feeling totally wiped out. But a quick heads-up: if you have any back issues, blood pressure problems, migraines, or if you’re a bit sleepless lately, let’s maybe skip this one or do it under an expert’s watch.

Here’s how to get into it:

  1. Starting Out: Sit up tall, legs straight out in front like a “D” minus the curve. Flex those feet, drawing toes back toward you. Sitting tall and proud.
  2. Let’s Twist: Bend your right knee, so your foot’s flat on the ground, snug close to you. The left leg? Keep it strong and grounded.
  3. Get Twisting: Now, start to rotate your upper body to the right. Use your left arm to hook over that bent right knee. This is where the magic happens. Push into the ground with your fingertips behind you, lengthening your spine and leaning forward just a touch.
  4. Deepen the Pose: Breathe in, sit tall. Breathe out, twist a bit more, getting that lovely stretch. Gaze over your right shoulder and hold this pose, anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute.
  5. And… Unwind: Time to come out of it. Just release gently, unwind, and sit tall again. Deep breath in and a long breath out. Feel that?

Alright, now, don’t forget to give the other side some love too – repeat the twist, going the other way.

Happy twisting! Remember, it’s all about feeling good and taking care of your body. Enjoy the stretch and the refresh it brings.

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